Our rental fleet includes new Cannondale, Schwinn and GT bicycles and accessories from various manufacturers. We have electric bicycles, tandems, mountain bicycles, hybrid bicycles, beach cruisers, road bikes, fat tire bikes as well as children's bicycles, tag-along bikes and kiddie trailers. We have children-sized bicycles (under 12 inches) and adult-sized bicycles (13 to 23 inch frames).

A lock, helmet, headlight and taillight is provided with all bicycle and trailer rentals. Helmet usage is required for children 16 and younger. Free daytime parking is provided for those renting bicycles by the day or part of a day.

Most of our hybrid and mountain bicycles are equipped with a rear-mounted rack and bungee cord. A basket or panniers (saddlebags) can be added to bicycles that have racks at an additional charge.  Also, nearly all of our bicycles are equipped with a bottle cage so that you can bring water and keep properly hydrated on your ride (bottle cages not available on beach cruisers).

The minimum rental period is 2 hours (most bikes are $10 or $12 plus tax depending on the bike selected for the first 2 hours). We also offer 4 hour rentals, full day rentals (opening until closing), 24 hour rentals, as well as daily (more than 24 hours), weekly and monthly rentals. For rentals lasting more than 24 hours, each 24 hour period the bicycle is rented is counted as a day. For example, if a bicycle is rented for 2 days at 10AM on a Friday, then it is due back by 10AM on Sunday. A bicycle rented for one week starting at 11AM on a Saturday is due back the following Saturday by 11AM.

There is a 3 day minimum for advanced reservations in July and August (other times there is a 24 hour minimum). However, we usually have bicycles available on a walk-in basis for shorter rentals (except the week of July 4, Bear Week and Carnival Week when we run out).  For information on advanced reservations see our Reservations Page.

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We have a wide selection of bicycles available for rent including hybrids, mountain bikes, road bikes and beach cruisers for adults and children. Information on our most popular bikes follow directly below while information on beach cruisers, road bikes, children's bikes and others can be found further down this page.

Our most popular rental bicycle is our hybrid comfort bike (Cannondale Adventure).  These bikes are our most comfortable and feature an upright riding position, front suspension system, a padded gel seat with a suspension seat post, tires suitable for the road and bike trails and 24 speeds for negotiating the hills.  Hybrid comfort bikes are available in women's and men's frames.

Our sport mountain bikes (Cannondale Trail) have light weight alloy frames, 24 speeds, trigger shifters, disc brakes, front suspension systems and wide, aggressive tire tread patterns suitable for on road or off-road cycling.

Our basic mountain bikes (Schwinn Frontier) have steel frames, 21 speeds, grip-style twist shifters and a rigid front fork.

Our sport hybrid bikes (Cannondale Quick) are light weight, flat-bar fitness bikes that offer a sporty ride. These bikes are lighter than our hybrid comfort bikes and have a rigid front fork, rigid seat post and 24 speeds and they are great for a fitness ride on the road or bike trails.

For the bicycle trails we recommend multi-speed bikes (hybrid comfort, sport mountain, basic mountain or sport hybrid) which have gears needed for completing the bicycle trails due to the many hills that you will encounter. Road bikes are best used on the road and are not recommended for use on the bicycle trails.

Basic 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Hybrid and Mountain Bike Rates

We have single and multi-speed beach cruisers with coaster brakes (peddle backwards to stop) and multi-speed speed beach cruisers with standard hand brakes. These bikes offer a wide, sprung, comfortable saddle and have an attractive retro style that is perfect for a cruise through town or a ride to the beach.

Hybrid, Comfort & Mountain Bikes

(This section for regular bikes. Electric bike rates appear after Tandems)

Beach Cruisers

Single Speed Beach Cruiser with Coaster Brakes

3 and 4 Speed Beach Cruiser with Coaster Brakes
 or 7 Speed Beach Cruiser with Hand Brakes

Beach Cruiser Rates

Children's Bicycles, Trailers and Tag-Alongs

Rates for Children's Bikes, Trailers and Tag-Alongs

While our rentals include a free lock and helmet, we also rent them alone and separately. We rent locks, helmets and baskets for $5.00 per day, $10.00 per week and $20.00 per month. 



How about renting a bicycle built for two? Rent a 24 speed disc brake comfort tandem. This aluminum frame bike is light weight and has comfortable seats. Try something new and have fun on a tandem.

Tandem Rates

Bike with Trailer

Bike with Tag-Along

Children 16 years old and younger are required by state law to wear helmets.  We strongly recommend helmets for all riders.  Our rentals include a free helmet (while supplies last).

Accessory Rentals: Locks, Helmets and Baskets

Car Rack Rental

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Cannondale Adventure

Cannondale Adventure

Cannondale Trail

Delivery and Pick-up

Bicycle delivery and pick-up is available. You must be present to receive delivered bicycles. There is a $10.00 charge per bicycle for delivery and a $10.00 charge per bicycle for pick-up for locations in Provincetown. Call for prices for pick-up and delivery outside of Provincetown. Arrangements for pick-up and delivery must be scheduled in advance, and you must call us on the day of pick-up and delivery to confirm time scheduled.

Road Bikes

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tire Bike Rates

Adult 3 Wheeler

Sport Front Suspension 24 Speed Mountain Bike
Hybrid Comfort 21 or 24 Speed
Sport Hybrid 21 or 24 Speed

Do you want to go on a longer ride?  Do you ride a road bike at home? The outer Cape has many scenic roads to explore.  We rent aluminum-frame road bikes equipped with Shimano 105 groupsets like the Cannondale Synapse Alloy 5.  Road bikes are equipped with a computer (gives speed, distance, etc.), two bottle cages, a pump, spare tube, tire levers and a seat bag.

Bring your own shoes and clipless pedals and we will install them before your ride, or we will provide platform or toe-clip style pedals (this service is only available while mechanics are on duty, generally 8AM to 5PM, 7 days a week).

Rental bicycles available as well as rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

How about riding in the sand on the beach by the water's edge? We have TommiSea fat tire bicycles that can be ridden on the beach. Equipped with an 8 speed internally-geared hub these bikes have wide fat tires that allow you to ride on the beach.

This bicycle is perfect for people who may have difficulty balancing a 2 wheeled bicycle. Our adult 3 wheeler has 3 speeds and it is equipped with a rear mounted basket. Corners must be taken at low speed to avoid tipping. Rates are same as for a hybrid or comfort bike.

Electric Bicycles

Cannondale Mavaro Neo City

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

Our Class 1 Cannondale Electric bicycles are the finest around. They offer pedal-assisted power up to 20MPH and have a range of 20 to 50 miles. Electric bicycles are fun to ride and offer enhanced mobility. Our Cannondale e-bikes have an upright riding position and active suspension systems that provide a smooth comfortable ride and give you the confidence and power needed to take on steep hills and long rides. They are perfect for those needing a little extra boost for hills or strong winds, whether riding around town or on the bicycle trails at the Cape Cod National Seashore. Helmet usage is required.

Electric Bicycle Rates

For children who are already riding a bicycle on their own we have a variety of children-sized bicycles with 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch tires.  Some children's bicycles are single speed and others have multiple speeds.  Also, some have coaster brakes (pedal backwards to stop) and others have hand brakes.  We will fit your child with a bicycle that is similar to the one they are riding at home.

A tag-along works well for kids with limited riding skills or who may have a hard time keeping up on a longer ride.  Our tag-along can be only be towed behind our hybrid bicycles.  Tag-alongs are suitable for children only.  They allow the child to assist in pedaling, but they may freewheel (not pedal) if they wish.  Children must be tall enough to safely use the tag-along (at least 42 inches tall).

We also have Burley trailers designed for toddlers to sit in that will fit one or two children.  There is also a small storage area in the back for supplies.  The trailer is designed to carry up to 100 pounds in total.  Children must be at least 1 year old.

Our tag-alongs and trailers can only be rented with and attached to our hybrid rental bicycles.  We cannot attach our tag-alongs and trailers to your bicycle, and we cannot attach our rental bicycles to your tag-alongs and trailers.


Gale Force Bikes

Provincetown, MA

We feature bicycles by:

Road Bike Rates

Hybrid Comfort - Men's

Hybrid Comfort - Women's

Sport Mountain

Shimano 105 Groupset

Cannondale Synapse 5

Basic Mountain

Schwinn Frontier

Pet-Friendly Trailers

We have pet-friendly trailers that can be pulled behind a bicycle. This trailer is reserved exclusively for use by dogs. The same rental rates apply for the pet-friendly trailer as the children's trailers listed above.  Pet trailers are only available for rent with one of our hybrid bicycles.

Do you want to start your bicycle ride somewhere else on the Cape?  We rent car racks that attach to most vehicles that enable you to haul from 1 to 4 bicycles.  The rack attaches to the trunk of most cars.

Schwinn Aerostar

Single Speed

Coaster & Hand Brake

Schwinn Mini Mesa

7 Speed with

hand Brakes

Premium Mountain Bike Rates

We offer a premium mountain bike that is of better quality and lighter weight than our basic and sport mountain bikes. Our premium mountain bike is the Cannondale Trail SL 29er 2 with an aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, a 30 speed 3 X 10 drivetrain and a RockShox Recon 80 mm front fork with lockout and rebound control. This bike can navigate unpaved trail riding in the woods just as well as it can handle cycling on paved bicycle paths. The operation of this bicycle is more technically challenging and it is recommended for more experienced mountain bike riders.

Premium Mountain Bikes

Cannondale Trail SL 29er 2
29" Wheel - Premium Mountain Bicycle

30 Speed (3 X 10) with hydraulic disc brakes

Sport Hybrid - Men's

Cannondale Quick

Cannondale Adventure

Cannondale Adventure

Hybrid Comfort - Women's

Hybrid Comfort - Men's

High Comfort

High Comfort

High Performance