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Gale Force Bikes has an experienced staff of bicycle mechanics whose aim is to help you keep your bike running in top condition. We can repair your broken bike or help you maintain your bike with regular tune-ups. We also provide brake, derailleur, and tire service.

Have your bicycle tuned at the beginning of each riding season to ensure the safe enjoyment of your bicycle. Our tune-up ($85) includes adjustment of brakes and gears, truing of wheels, adjustment of hubs and crank bottom bracket, checking tightness of all bolts, lubrication of chain, airing up tires and wipe down of frame and rims.

Flat tires can be fixed quickly at our shop. We stock most styles of inner tubes and tires and can get you on your way promptly. Most flats are caused by a punctured inner tube. We can replace the tube and fix a flat tire on most bicycles for $25 (not including odd sizes and e-bikes).